Never leaf me

An organic looking, six foot "leaf". Fully interactive with independent rotating spindles.

Wassa manta you?

Following in the wake of the Great White Steel. I love this skeletal style of using empty space and letting the viewer's mind fill in the blanks.

Sing blue silver

The original idea was always to have the layers floating from the wall. I fashioned some simple standoff brackets for the base, with hidden rods for the fish.

That penguin thing

This started out as an abstract piece and ended up being just that. The weird thing was the name - it just brought to mind two penguins once the frame started coming together. Proof that art really does have a mind of its own.

I love sharks

Some projects come fully formed in my mind and then work out perfectly. Not all, but this was one of those. A simple skeleton made from steel bars that virtually put itself together. It does help to sketch things out first though.


This gave me some headaches. Building the overlapping frame was tricky enough, and then there was a lot of welding and grinding. A lot.

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